Liv'n Better 4 Ever

"Thank you to all who have allowed me to be of service to your well-being.  Your presence has enriched my life."    Sharlene

“Sharlene has the unique spiritual ability to relay the message you need to hear in precisely that way you will accept it. Years ago she brought light into my life by allowing me to see that I had the ability to choose my own path. My life has been a continuous evolution ever since and this simple concept has allowed me to embrace challenges in my life for the ultimate enlightenment they will bring and to accept wholly the goodness my choices can create.”
L. Newsom - San Antonio TX


“Sharlene is a gifted spiritual guide and natural health counselor and practitioner. I’ve known Sharlene for over 15 years, and still remember how from almost the first instant she was guiding me on what has become a spiritual and natural health quest. I’ve seen over and over how new people come into Sharlene’s sphere and within minutes of meeting are seeking her counsel. They rightly sense that Sharlene’s words and actions come directly from her heart. She holds nothing back in the effort to improve others’ lives. Sharlene continues to guide me to this day and I know that the person I am now is profoundly different than it would have been without her help.  Sharlene’s own life is a testament to her methodologies for overcoming great physical and spiritual obstacles. It would be a gift for Sharlene to share her talents with “seekers” enabling them to set out on a similar path of wellness. Her ability to lead by example and communicate intimately with others make her a natural-born teacher.”
L. Brooke -Austin TX

“Sharlene has an uncanny ability to discern what is going on with someone, physically, emotionally and spiritually. She is not pnly highly perceptive, but she has an amazing ability to communicate her thoughts in a way that makes it easy to hear what she has to say and try things that might not have otherwise been considered. It is very easy to trust her knowledge, intuition and skills, and there is never any worry that she might not know what she’s doing. Sharlene works harder than anyone else I know to keep herself at the cutting edge of whatever she professes to know. Her skills are not her only assets. Sharlene has shown herself to be dependable, conscientious, hardworking and highly ethical.”
Sue S. -Tuscon AZ

“My life was riddled with guilt before I had my first SRT session. I thought I wasn’t good enough mom, employee, always feeling inferior and thinking I had to prove myself. Right after SRT it was gone! I saw me for who I was and who I could be. I have since become friends with Sharlene and I see a beautiful, genuine human being who is dedicated to better herself and anyone who comes in contact. She explains everything so that the average person can understand. I have recommended people to her and I always get great feedback. I like to think that I come from a place of love and Sharlene is filled with it.  She is truly very gifted.”
Maria C. – Coolidge AZ.