My life has always been centered around helping people to be better, happier and to approach life from a more positive perspective.  After 25 years as a massage therapist and seeing how my clients' thoughts and emotions affected every aspect of their well-being, I decided to become a Life Coach and guide them to a more

resourceful state in their lives .

Since the majority of my own life has been spent questing for the healing of my

heart and soul and finally finding my path to that freedom,

I felt empowered to assist others as well.

It was through this journey of self discovery that I was introduced to
Spiritual Response Therapy  (SRT) 

 SRT provided a personal and powerful transformation and soon knew that this modality of assisting others would become an integral part of my coaching tools.

SRT  allows me to facilitate in the release of hidden blocks and programs formed by our genetic heritage, our childhood experiences and possibly lifetimes of the same.  Removing these blocks allow us to move forward and experience life through greater inner peace, personal empowerment and authenticity.

Contact me and see what will best assist you in building a life based on the

freedoms of positive thinking.


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